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Times Higher Education announces a series of important changes to its THE World University Rankings

November 28, 2014

The methodology of the global rankings will be broadly preserved, says the website of the organization; however, a series of structural changes are to be made. According to THE representatives, the reforms will provide the platform for further innovation in university performance metrics, offering new tools and analytics to capture a wider range of institutional strengths, while providing a greater range of contexts set against a broader range of missions. The key change is that all institutional data collection, previously outsourced to Thomson Reuters, will be expanded and will now be brought in-house, carried out by a new, dedicated team of data analysts at THE. The research publication data for the rankings will be drawn from the Scopus database – the world’s largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed academic literature. Scopus was developed and is owned by Elsevier – one of world’s largest publishing houses, which publishes almost a quarter of all academic journals in the world.

The website quotes Trevor Barratt, managing director of THE as follows: “The THE World University Rankings are already exceptionally influential and our global performance indicators are in demand across the world. We are now entering an exciting new phase in the development of the THE’s gold-standard analyses. Our partnership with Elsevier will ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments and innovations in the evaluation of university performance.”

In addition, Times Higher Education will in the future use SciVal – a new complex of innovative web solutions which represents and evaluates the results of research in all areas of science. This new tool has also been provided by the journal’s new partner – Elsevier.