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Press Services of Project 5-100 Universities Train in the USA

May 28, 2015

In May, employees of the PR departments and press services of Project 5-100 universities journeyed to the USA for a short training program extended by leading American research and education centers. The American training program was part of a series of activities aimed at improving the performance of Russian universities in the area of communications.

The participants in this program were afforded the opportunity to observe both the internal and external communication systems of such famous universities as George Washington University, American University, and George Mason University. The managers of George Mason in charge of media promotion, internationalization strategy, interaction with alumni and employers organized workshops and seminars for their Russian colleagues.

The training program included a meeting with the President of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – Mitchell Marovitz and a tour of the office of the newspaper “Chronicle of Higher Education” – a well-respected publication on international higher education.

In addition, representatives of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) introduced Russian specialists to the main projects of AAAS. The Association publishes four influential scientific journals – ‘Science’, ‘Science Signaling’, ‘Science Translational Medicine and Science Advances’, and is the founder of ‘EurekAlert!’ - a scientific information agency. EurekAlert! utilizes a so-called “Open Access” business model; which is to say that visitors may access the information for free even though the content provided to the agency comes at a price which depends on the organizations offering it.

The editors of ‘Science’ organized a workshop for their Russian colleagues, during which they divulged the secret recipes for getting articles published in one of the foremost academic journals in the world.

According to the participants in the training program, they gained valuable international experience and gained insights which will enrich the professional skills arsenal of PR specialists of Russian universities.