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Russian-Brazilian Exchange Program Takes Off Within the Framework of Project 5-100

July 3, 2015

24 June 2015 was a big day for Svetlana Barannikova. This was the occasion when Barannikova (Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and Head of the cross-disciplinary lab for computer modeling and analysis of condensed environments at Tomsk State University) arrived at the Federal University of Minas-Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The purpose of her long journey? Here is how her host and colleague Fabio Alvis (Provost for International Affairs at UFMG) explained it: “UFMG is the first Brazilian university to start the ball rolling for the FAUBAI (Brazilian Association for International Education) /Project 5-100 internship programme”.

The program is designed for the administrative and managerial personnel of Russian and Brazilian universities. It is the offspring of bilateral agreements reached during the visit of the Brazilian delegation to Russia last year and the participation of Project 5-100 Office in the FAUBAI international conference in Brazil.

Alvis went on to say: “Our interaction with TSU will soon be followed by the interactions between UFMG, HSE and UrFU. We are very proud of that initiative and look forward to the avenues ahead of us".

And what were Svetlana’s impressions of the experience? Very positive indeed. “I was warmly greeted by Professor Alvis, who told me about the Department of International Relations at UFMG. The level of their organization is impressive! Then I met with Professor Marcus Pinotti, who took me on a tour of his lab and told me about the system designed to stimulate publishing activity at UFMG. We are going to work together during my entire stay. He is organizing tours of UFMG science divisions and their techno park for me.”

So it certainly sounds like a positive and productive mission for Svetlana Barannkova, as well as a pleasant chiming of the bells in terms of international relations between Russia and Brazil in the arena of higher education.