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EAIE-2015 Results: Project 5-100 Expands International Cooperation Horizons

September 22, 2015

On 15-18 September this year, Project 5-100 participated in the conference and expo of the European Association of International Education (EAIE) for the second time. This year, international education experts gathered in the Scottish Glasgow – one of Britain’s largest cultural and education centers.

On the eve of the forum, Project 5-100 universities attended a presentation of the program entitled “Internationalization of Higher Education in the 21st Century”. The speakers at the presentation included Larisa Taradina (Head of International Programs of University Leadership), Robert M. Mauro (Head of Boston College Global Leadership Institute) and Laura Rumbley (Associate Director at Boston College Center for International Higher Education). After the presentations the attendees, led by Fiona Hunter (Researcher from the Center of Internationalization of Higher Education of the Sacred Heart Catholic University in Milan, Italy), discussed the key trends and approaches in the area of internationalization of higher education on all levels. 

On 15 September, Megan Brenn-White (Executive Director of the American Company The Brenn-White Group) and Robert Coelen (Provost for Internationalization of Stenden University, Netherlands) organized a workshop for Project 5-100 universities. The workshop was devoted to the promotion of the universities and the entire country as an attractive work and study destination and to the positioning and advertising of the advantages and unique features of national universities to foreign students and professors. The experts discussed the key global social and demographic trends which are going to affect the development and internationalization of higher education in the next 15 years. And while embracing these emerging trends, the trainers reminded the universities that their many-sided implications should be taken into account now when developing university strategies.

On 17 September, a seminar on the internationalization of Russian higher education was organized for the attendees. The main speaker was Olga Krylova – Head of Coordination of International Education Programs and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. She spoke in detail about the strategy of developing English-language Master’s programs and the vital nature of interaction with foreign partners in the sphere of student exchanges. Yulia Selyukova (Head of University Marketing and Development at the Project Office) made a presentation devoted to the priorities and possible formats of cooperation with foreign universities within the framework of the Project. Denis Konanchuk (Deputy Academic Dean of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO) elaborated on the same topic. Kimmo Kuortti – a speaker from Finland – shared his university’s (Oulu University) experience of working with Russian students and scientists.

Yulia Selyukova and Alexei Falaleev (Head of Expert Support for Project Office Programs) organized a series of productive work-related meetings. For example, the result of one of such meeting was that Times Higher Education (THE) agreed to participate in a Project 5-100 seminar-conference which will be organized in November this year in Moscow. While in the Russian capital, THE will also announce the results of its Physics Ranking. The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) – a European Non-Profit Organization – revealed a deepening respect for and interest in Project 5-100. ACA specialists believe that there is considerable potential for a greater degree of cooperation with the leading Russian universities, and, as such, they plan to attend the Project’s seminar-conference in Moscow.

EAIE-2015 provided the Project with excellent opportunities to strengthen existing ties and partnerships and to forge new contacts. In the nearest future the Project Office is planning to invite a group of administrators from 10 Korean universities interested in academic and student exchanges to visit the leading Russian universities. This event will be organized in cooperation with the Korean Association of Foreign Student Administrators (KAFSA). Larisa Taradina also discussed with her Brazilian colleagues the latest phase in the development of the Russo-Brazilian short-term exchange program for administrative and managerial personnel. 

More than 5000 specialists from 90 countries took part in the EAIE-2015. Many universities and their consortiums, as well as numerous international education projects (Campus France, Study in Finland, Study in Japan and many others), summer schools, educational platforms, student recruitment agencies and consulting companies participated in the dynamic platform of creative marketing and evocation that accompanied the Conference. The expo pavilion of the Project, which united the stands of 15 universities, was a striking point of reference r among academic professionals and journalists, which means that Project 5-100 has now vaulted into the spectrum of well-known brands and has become a real player in the international arena.