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How to make cooperation between universities, authorities and business more effective

September 28, 2015

On 25 September, RBC and Project 5-100 organized a joint round table discussion entitled “Private business for education: how to improvement of the efficiency of cooperation between education institutions, government authorities, and the business sector”. This discussion attracted senior management officials from universities, commercial companies and non-government financial providers, as well as representatives from various areas of government.

The participants in the discussion focused on the most pressing matters, important issues between education institutions and future employers, such as “How can universities prepare desirable specialists?” And…”How to expedite the process of re-orientation of Russian education toward the level of modern business requirements and expectations?” Having raised the topic of the “gap” between education and the current demands of the business world, Pavel Lanchikov (General Director of the Huawei Training Center) noted that companies, not to mention the universities, are finding it hard to keep up with the latest technology. Lanchikov is certain that companies must improve the qualifications of graduates by offering them (if not insisting on) further education them in corporate training centers. In this vein, Lanchikov also explained how the activities of Huawei relate to this issue, specifically about their program of info-communication academies.

In his turn, Vadim Dengin (First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the RF State Duma for Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications) said that representatives of business must provide some sort of directives  to those involved with actually inculcating the ‘education;., by flagging certain professions that are in short supply. He proposed to set up a working group under the patronage of the Committee for Information Policy, combined with the participation of the Education Committee, which could coordinate interaction with the business sector in this regard.

Vladimir Kutuzov (Rector of LETI University), Svetlana Maltseva (Head of the Department of Business and Management at Higher School of Economics), Victoria Pechkovskaya (Dean of the Higher School of Management and innovation at Lomonosov Moscow State University), Alexander Zamyatin (Council to the Rector of Tomsk State University), Marina Nezhurina (Director of the Institute of Information Systems and MISiS University) shared their universities’ experience of cooperation with business organizations which act as “Customer of Education” providers. .During a spirited but cordial debate with Pavel Lanchikov, Pechkovskaya suggested that the universities are not ‘behind; industry, but that, in fact, the situation is vice versa: many graduates are overqualified as far as modern economy is concerned.  According to Pechkovskaya, this results in an exodus of graduates from the country. Alexander Zamyatin complained that because of high salaries in the IT sector, tech specialists are leaving Academia in search of better prospects in the business sector.

Alexander Gorbatko (Deputy Head of Department of Information Technologies of Moscow City), Oleg Mosyazh (Head of Open Government Projects), Sergei Borisov (Director of Internet Initiative Development Foundation) and Oxana Anistratenko (Director of the Russian Office of USRF Foundation) talked about the expectations of employers for university graduates and various projects connecting education, government and business. In particular, Anistratenko described her Foundation’s experience of cooperation with Lobachevski University and ITMO University. The discussion was moderated by Elena Chernyshkova - Deputy Executive Director at Project Office 5-100.

At the end of the meeting, Vladimir Kutuzov, Sergei Khoruzhnkov (Dean of Info-communication Technologies at ITMO University) and Jiao Chun (Vice President of LLC “Techno-Company Huawei”) signed an agreement to open an Authorized Info-communication Academy at Huawei.