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China Interested in News from Russian Universities

December 2, 2015

The final stage of the training program to improve the efficacy of university communications departments was completed between 22 and 27 November 2015. Employees of press services of Russian universities visited the best Chinese universities as well as the offices of China’s largest social and political media outlets. During these events the visitors met with representatives of many professional associations. This training session was organized by the communication agency Newton. PR & Communications

In the Chinese capital, representatives of the Institute of Journalism and Communications of Tsinghua University, University of Beijing, University of International Relations and Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications shared their experience with Russian specialists. In Shanghai, the Russian delegation met with the employees of Fudan and Jiaotong Universities.

Fudan University specialists noted that their exchange programs with US and European universities are actively developing, while their cooperation with Russia is made difficult in view of the fact that there aren’t (as yet) enough English-language programs in Russian universities. In response, Russian specialists told their Chinese counterparts that Russia is implementing more and more English-language programs and invited Fudan representatives to visit our universities and see the unfolding of this positive process for themselves. Both parties agreed that the two nations need to improve their information exchange. Thus, next year, the Shanghai Education Committee is planning to send a delegation representing Chinese universities to Russia to visit our country’s best education institutions. Fudan University is considering organizing a “Russian Day” for students to promote Russian culture, traditions and history. In order to strengthen bilateral ties, Liu Chen Gong, Vice-President of Fudan University, suggested that each university department should choose a partner university in Russia.

In Beijing, the delegation visited the office of the media holding “Phoenix” and the office of the International Radio of China which broadcasts in many languages including Russian. According to Chinese journalists, their listeners and viewers are interested in scientific news fr om Russian universities, especially in the news related to innovation and the opinions of leading scientists. The Russian delegation then visited the office of the Global Times, which is part of the leading Chinese newspaper People’s Daily. The circulation of the Global Times is 1.8 mln copies in Chinese and 150,000 copies in English; a section devoted to education is published on a weekly basis. According to the employees of the paper, they are willing to print news of Russian universities. Overall, Russian events hold 3rd place after the US and Japan among those receiving international coverage. The parties also discussed the possibility of setting up interviews with Russian university rectors. Shanghai Daily is also interested in Russian university news – half of the readers of this newspaper are foreign citizens. Russian specialists were greeted by high-ranking officials of Shanghai United Media Group which owns Shanghai Daily, among them: Wang Wei (Vice President) and Xia Jun (Director of International Relations) and Zhang Yi (Deputy Chief Editor of Shanghai Daily).

In both cities, participants of the training program visited the regional offices of the China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) wh ere they held negotiations with members of the Association specializing in education and with representatives from a selection of universities. According to the Chinese side, Russia and the PRC should strengthen their cooperation in the vital area of information-sharing and thus strengthen a partnership which is already well underway, thanks to such events as the 22-27 November training program.