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Russian Universities and TASS to Launch Russian Scientists Newsfeed

February 10, 2016

On 8 February, TASS Information Agency hosted a round table under the heading of “Image of the Russian Science in the World” and introduced a new English-language newsfeed. Project 5-100 universities MIPT and HSE as well as Scoltech and TASS Information Agency initiated the launch of the Russian Scientists Newsfeed which is designed to maintain constant news coverage of Russian scientists and their work.  Russian and foreign journalists, university representatives, members of the academic community and representatives of government authorities were invited to the meeting which was opened by TASS Chief Editor Maxim Filimonov.

Alexander Povalko (Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) wished the audience a happy Russian Science Day and further advised his listeners that the ability to generate new content and introduce new knowledge is an integral part of any university’s competitive status. The Deputy Minister spoke about the need to make Russian higher education institutions more open so that they would be able to reveal their achievements to the world, establish a constant presence in the information environment, and reinforce the positive image that is already being built.

The role of Project 5-100 in this process was noted by Nikolai Kudriavtsev (Rector of MIPT). According to Kudriavtsev, the Project stimulates its member universities to expand their contacts with the international community and helps to systemize these efforts. “In the past, international conferences and workshops at the institute were exceptional events; now they are common occurrences; we receive outstanding visitors and host events once every two weeks. We also have an opportunity to send our professors and students to leading international labs to gain experience and make contacts.”  In pursuit of advancing a greater awareness of Russian science in the world, Academician Alexander Kuleshov (Director of the Institute of Information Transfer of the Russian Academy of Sciences) promised to promote Russia’s chances of hosting the International Math Congress in 2022.

Leonid Gohberg (First Vice-Rector of HSE) presented a statistical study of Russian science and how it is perceived both in our country and abroad. The speaker said that Russian academia is still a leading collaborator with various international schools. Russia’s main partners in the framework of international collaborations are the USA, Germany, France, the UK and Italy. As far as interest in Russian academic achievements from world media is concerned, Russia is among the top 10 most frequently mentioned countries in this area.

The key event of the round table was the presentation of the Russian Scientists Newsfeed in the English language. This project appeared as the result of the joint efforts of Project 5-100 universities MIPT and HSE and Scoltech and TASS. The purpose of the initiative is to maintain a constant level of news coverage related to the achievements of Russian scientists. Alexandra Borisova (Head of TASS Science) explained how the project works: “Universities keep track of their agenda, generate news-worthy stories and offer them to us. TASS edits and adapts the material for the public and disseminates it through its own network. The authors of the initiative strive to win the attention of the public abroad and are committed to inviting other Russian universities to participate in the project.”