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Russian Higher Education in Top 30

May 18, 2016

QS has published a new rating ranking national higher education systems (QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings). This latest list helps to determine which nations have the strongest education systems and also is designed to monitor global trends. Russia is currently ranked 26th, ahead of Malaysia, Israel and Austria.

The ranking is based on four indicators with identical weightings assigned to each:

  ·  System strength: this category assesses overall national system strength based on performance in the international rankings. Each country is awarded a score according to the number of its institutions which are ranked 700 or above in the QS World University Rankings, divided by the average position of those institutions.

  ·  Access:  The second category addresses a key issue today as nations aspire to extend access to world-class higher education. Scores in this category are calculated based on the number of places available at universities ranked within the global top 500, divided by an indicator of population size.

  ·  Flagship institution: this category assesses the performance of the country’s leading institution within the global rankings. This is a normalized score, based on the place each nation’s top university occupies in the QS World University Rankings. The indicator is based on the premise that the performance of a country’s leading institution is a credit to the overall system, often resulting from national investment in developing a flagship institution to lead the way.

  ·  Economic context: The fourth and final indicator aims to assess the impact of national investment in higher education by comparing each nation’s financial situation to its performance in the international rankings. An indexed score is awarded for each university featured in QS World University Rankings, and this is then factored against the GDP per capita for the country in question.

Russian education has a strong position in “economic context” and “system strength”. The rating covers 50 countries. The USA, UK and Germany hold the top 3 places.