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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.


Project 5-100 represents Russian education at NAFSA

June 2, 2016

On 29 May, the annual NAFSA conference opened its doors in Denver, USA, to a host of visitors, including those Project 5-100 universities taking part in this event for the second year in a row. NAFSA (National Association for Foreign Student Affairs) is the world’s largest non-profit association for international education and exchange. NAFSA unites more than 10,000 various government and public organizations, foundations, as well as research centers, international and national corporations from more than 150 countries, and its annual conference is one of the largest education forums in the world.

The conference is traditionally accompanied by a large expo, which this year, opened on 31 May. “Study in…” projects, forums representing the leading universities, educational stalls designed to explain national academic exchange services, international professional associations and rating companies are among the exhibitors of the NAFSA expo.

The Russian expo pavilion features the cumulative work  of Project 5-100 universities and is even bigger this year than last, thanks to the fact that new universities joined the Project in the autumn of 2015. Project universities are very busy conducting meetings and negotiations with the leading universities of the USA, Latin America and countries of the Asia-Pacific region. These meeting are designed to promote scientific cooperation, student exchanges, joint educational programs, and the development of a more sophisticated and effective research infrastructure.

On 1 June, Project 5-100 held a session entitled “Transformation Initiatives in BRICS Countries: Opportunities for Cooperation,’ featuring Alexei Falaleev (Head of Expert Support of Project Office 5-100) as the main speaker.

The first plenary session --held  during this year’s NAFSA conference -- featured such prominent speakers as Fanta Aw (President of NAFSA), Timothy Groser (Ambassador of New Zealand to the US), Marlin Johnson (CEO of NAFSA) and David Brooks – a famous journalist. The Head of NAFSA greeted the guests of the conference and noted that more than 9,400 participants from more than 100 countries had come to the conference this year. She also pointed out that the audience of the conference is constantly expanding – this year 3,800 new delegates have joined the event.