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Vladimir Putin visited FEFU

November 20, 2014

During a two-day working visit to the Primorsky Region, Vladimir Putin visited the Far-Eastern Federal University where he met with the Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky and FEFU Rector Sergei Ivanets. The President, who, by the way, stayed on the university campus in Russky Island during his entire visit, showed considerable interest in the life of one of Russia’s leading universities. He surveyed the infrastructure, including the center of competencies of the concern “Morinformsistema-Agat”, the buildings and labs of the university.

Sergei Ivanets informed the President that FEFU students come from more than 70 Russian regions and almost two thousand of them are from other countries. The number of students coming to Vladivostok from abroad is growing every year thanks to the efforts of the university’s management. The Rector gave a recent example: about a month ago the university managed to reach an agreement with China to create a special prep center for Chinese youths wishing to study in Russia in the Far-Eastern University. The idea is to turn the Far-Eastern University into a sort of a “gateway” into Russian higher education for young people from China.

Speaking of the quality of university training, Ivanets drew the President’s attention to the advance training program for faculty members and the fact that FEFU invites acclaimed international and Russian specialists. Vladimir Putin asked the rector to tell him about the university's efforts to solve the staffing problems in various industrial sectors of the region. “We have partners in almost all large companies,” answered Ivanets.” This means that we have a long-term cooperation with them to develop technologies and train specialists per their requests.” The university is currently collaborating with Rosneft, the aviation company Progress, and various ship-building companies. Such partnerships enable the university to train students in the real industry and help to boost scientific research. The Rector spoke in detail about an innovation project of national importance– a new cosmodrome in the Amur Region, and added that FEFU sees the training of personnel for this new spaceport as one of its highest priorities. The university has already contacted Roskosmos (Russian Space Agency) with a proposal to sign a trilateral agreement between the university, the students and the employer. This agreement would set the foundation for the future supply of the cosmodrome with highly-qualified personnel.

At the end of the meeting Vladimir Putin and Sergei Ivanets discussed a series of technical problems of the university and their possible solutions.