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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.


Dmitry Medvedev likened the implementation of Project 5-100 to a vigorous advance

August 26, 2016

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev emphasized the importance of continued implementation of the Russian Academic Excellence Project in his speech at the Higher Education Development Forum conducted by ITMO University, a Project 5-100 participant.

He likened the implementation of Project 5-100 to a vigorous advance and urged to go further. “Work in line with the governmental initiatives mentioned by my colleagues – both the pivot universities and Project 5-100 — should be continued. I am not exaggerating intermediate results, we are seeing a vigorous advance, so we should keep moving in this direction.”

Naturally, we all want our education to be the best in the world or one of the best, we want people to say ‘I was educated in Russia’ proudly,” emphasized Medvedev.

Earlier Dmitry Medvedev named Project 5-100 a top priority for the development of Russian education in his speech at the Board meeting of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and High-Priority Projects. Also, in his April report to the State Duma on Government’s performance in 2015, Medvedev highly commended the progress made by Project 5-100.