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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

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Project 5-100 participants improve their position in U.S. News Best Global Universities 2017

October 28, 2016

This ranking is compiled annually by an American media house U.S. News & World Report based on stringent selection criteria (academic research and global reputation are the areas of particular focus). U.S. News Best Global Universities 2017 covers 1,000 best universities from 65 countries. Six Russian universities, including 4 Project 5-100 participants, are featured this year. At No.411 (54 ranks up compared to 2016), National Research Nuclear University MEPhI has the best score among Project participants. Novosibirsk State University rocketed 137 ranks up to No.535. New entrants this year are: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (No. 634) and Tomsk State University (No. 938). Lomonosov Moscow State (No. 271) and St. Petersburg State (No. 523) are the other two Russian institutions in the ranking.

U.S. News has been publishing its authoritative rankings of American universities for 30 years, and Best Global Universities 2017 is the third international rating from US News. Despite stringent selection criteria, Project 5-100 participants are showing strong progress with new entries and higher scores befitting serious contenders in the international education market. While in 2015, only two Russian universities (MSU and SPSU) made it to the ranking, in 2016, two Project 5-100 participants (MEPhI and NSU) joined them; and in 2017, Russian presence in the ranking grew to six thanks to MIPT and TSU.

Project 5-100 participants also increased their presence in U.S. News Best Global Universities subject rankings: while in 2016 they were only featured in the Physics rating, in 2017 they made it to four different subject rankings. Three participants feature in Mathematics and Physics Top 200 lists.

Best results come from MEPhI (No. 117 in Physics) and NSU (No. 126 in Physics and No. 311 in Chemistry). Both universities have improved their 2016 results. Four Project 5-100 participants have made their first entry to U.S. News Best Global Universities 2017 subject rankings: Higher School of Economics (No. 181 in Mathematics), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (No. 238 in Physics), MISiS (No. 283 in Material Sciences) and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (No. 361 in Physics).

U.S. News Best Global Universities rankings are compiled in two stages. First, a pool of 1262 leading universities is reduced to Top 1000 based on Clarivate Analytics InCites. The pool consists of members of Top 200 lists in different subject according to Clarivate Analytics global reputation surveys; remaining universities are selected from among the top research ‘publishers’ over the previous 5 years. In the second stage, scores for universities are calculated based on 12 indicators, such as academic reputation, number of publications, citation (articles published before April 2016 were used for the 2017 scoring), international collaboration etc. Overall methodology of U.S. News Best Global Universities has changed considerably: total number of reviewed universities jumped from 1000 to 1262 (and the published part of the rating swelled from 750 to 1,000) as the number of participating countries increased from 57 to 65. Also, the indicator that reflected the number of awarded PhDs was replaced with the one for the number of highly cited publications.