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The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.


Exchange program for administrative and managerial personnel of Project 5-100 universities and leading Brazilian university-members of the Brazilian Association for International Education (FAUBAI)

July 16, 2015

The format of the short-term exchanges is an instrument for the development of partnership and cooperation between Project 5-100 universities and the leading universities of the countries who are Russia’s strategic partners. 

The main goal of the exchanges is to give administrative employees of the universities of both countries a chance to learn more about each other; for example, the features of governance systems and how various procedures work in terms of implementing new policies. This may involve universities who already have a partnership as well as those whose vision of cooperation is still in the planning stage.
Learning about these things will help to build effective partnerships as well as providing an opportunity to share best managerial practices. 

The specific purpose of these interactions with FAUBAI is to further the development of cooperation between Project 5-100 universities and the leading Brazilian university-members of the Brazilian Association for International Education, and to learn best governance practices in the areas of cooperation relevant to the universities under the current or planned partnership agreements.

The program includes: 

-​ working visits of administrative and managerial personnel (AMP) of Project 5-100 universities to leading Brazilian universities; 

-​ working visits of Brazilian AMP to Project 5-100 universities

Schedule: first cycle – June 2015; second cycle – August-November 2015. The program will be continued in 2016, and the schedule for 2016 will be finalized in November 2015. 

The first and the second cycles are intended for employees whose jobs are connected with university internationalization, specifically for those in charge of the following:

-​ development and support for incoming and outgoing students, and academic mobility; 

-​ recruitment and services for foreign students enrolled in degree programs, exchange students and international specialists; 

-​ development of partnerships. 

The main areas of focus for the 2016 program will be determined in compliance with the relevant directions of cooperation between universities. 

The working program for the exchanges will be prepared and approved with the participation of:

-​ home and host university;

-​ coordinator from the Brazilian Association for International Education; 

-​ Project 5-100 coordinator. 

Duration of one visit – 2-4 weeks. The program will provide for a stay in one university from 7 to 15 full working days. If an employee is to work/visit two universities within one tour, the total duration of the program must be at least 15 full working days. 

Universities to be visited are selected in accordance with the current or planned partnerships between universities.  Visits to universities with which no partnership is planned must be  coordinated  by the employees of the relevant departments and the appropriate coordinating organizations of both parties. 

The program also provides for visits to other universities located in the same region as the university where the exchange tour is planned. These visits will serve the purpose of making presentations and searching for new areas of cooperation and partnership.

Financial conditions: accommodation is provided by the host university; all other expenses are paid by the home university. 

Working language of the program: English.