World-Class Russian Education!

The goal of Project 5-100 is to maximize the competitive position of a group of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.




National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU)

Scientia Libertas Prosperitas

Year of foundation: 1896

Location: Tomsk

Total students: 15,000 / International students: 3,800+

Faculties: 10 / Departments: 77

Faculty: 1,700+

Rector: Petr Chubik


TPU is a top engineering university with an operating research nuclear reactor in the Asian part of Russia. Modern R&D and educational facilities have enabled TPU to become one of the main institutions for the Gazprom, Rosatom and Sibur companies.

The university is a member of 13 international organizations, including СESAER and CLUSTER. TPU has 19 double degree Master’s programmes in collaboration with leading foreign universities. International students comprise 23% of TPU’s total student population. The university offers scholarships for prospective students.

  • High-Energy Physics
  • Chemistry & Biomedical Technology
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Security
  • Computer Science and Robotics
  • Earth Sciences & Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Energy & Power Engineering
  • Nuclear Science & Engineering
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Nuclear Technology
  • Natural Resources
  • People & Technology
  • Smart Energy
  • Space Materials Science
  • Chemistry & Biomedical Technology
  • High Energy Physics
  • Non-Destructive Testing & Security
  • IT & Robotics
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology

International collaboration and partnerships

More than 200 cooperation agreements with universities and organizations from 35 countries. TPU strategic partners include:

  • Herriot Watt University (UK)
  • Karlsruhe Technological Institute (Germany)
  • Berlin Technical University (Germany)
  • Munich Technical University (Germany)
  • Ecole Centrale Paris (France)
  • Université Joseph-Fourier (France)
  • Universite Paris Sud 11 (France)
  • Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Technische Universität Wien (Austria)
  • Jilin University (China) 
  • Shenyang Ligong University (China)
  • Aalto University (Finland)

Distinguished alumni

  • Mikhail Mil, Soviet aerospace engineer and a scientist, founder of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, which is responsible for well-known Soviet Mi helicopter
  • Nikolay Kamov, scientist and a constructor of the Soviet/Russian Ka helicopter
  • Nikolay Nikitin, Soviet architect, designer of Ostankino TV Tower
  • Nikolay Urvantsev,   discoverer of the Norilsk mining region
  • Matvey Kapelushnikov, inventor of the world’s first turbo-drill
  • Oleg Alimov, inventor of a device for drilling in space